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Add some drama and mood lighting to your wall panel design by adding embedded LED light strip trim.Visit our FlexStone design showroom for the most current selection of LED light trim options. FlexStone™ does not sell the LED light strips but we can refer you to a reputable supplier.

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There are also many purchasing options available online such as on Amazon.The LED light strips are placed inside the groove of the LED light trim. They are covered by a white translucent plastic lens cover. See the Idea Gallery and FlexStone™ Gallery for design ideas.Flat wall panel sheets have two options for adding LED light strip trim-front and side facing.The LED light strip trim can also be used to join the wall panel sheets together. LED light strip trim is also available for installation inside the grille, slat or fluted panel sheet cavities.The LED light trim is 118” long each. It can be cut with any circular saw.The LED light strip trim is coloured black and is made of powder coated aluminum.

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